You Should Expect More From Your Promo Rep

  • Jun 25, 2015


I’m willing to bet your relationship with your promo products contact is missing a lot.

From most people I’ve talked to, their exchange with their promo item rep goes something like this:

  • Request pricing from rep
  • Receive pricing
  • Pick item and send over artwork
  • Confirmation received, proof approved and production begins

Where’s the interaction, the expertise of the rep?

My clients come to me with ideas of what they already have in mind as a product once in a while, but more often they ask for suggestions. It’s my job to help give ideas of what would help them accomplish their purpose, whether it’s a sales goal or brand awareness.

Getting to know the client, their company and their goals and values are all part of the process of dealing with a rep. Or it should be. I always thought this was the case, but from what I’m hearing, that’s not true. So I wanted to let you all know, if your experience is more in line with the bullets up top, you’re missing out!

Your rep should be interested in what you’re using the product for and what you plan to achieve – not just your budget.

If you’re looking for a rep who will give you the experience and expertise you deserve, feel free to get in touch. You should expect more from your promo rep!