Why Creative Packaging is 2017’s Marketing Must-have

  • Mar 7, 2017

Wondering how to break through to potential clients who are seeing over 5,000 ads a day and most likely tuning them all out?  Creative packaging is the must-have tactic you need in 2017 to break through the clutter and boost sales.

What is it?

Creative packaging is basically taking a promotional product and combining it with a custom package designed to target your desired audience. 

Of course, my mantra from my 2016 posts of the importance of promo products with a purpose still stands, but put that with creative packaging and you’ve got a combo sure to get you results. 

Track your ROI

Every business wants to see a return from their dollars spent. There’s no reason you shouldn’t expect the same return from promo items as every other marketing and sales effort.

Creative packaging makes it even easier to track the ROI of your promotional products with the use of custom offer codes or personalization. 

 One of my clients created a custom landing page and was able to easily track visits to the URL. Potential clients who filled out a contact form were then a lead that could be attributed directly to the creative promotional campaign.

Get appointments and boost sales

Have a potential client you’ve been trying to get in front of? Creative packaging is the perfect way to do it. You’ll get design space you need to deliver a strategic message while using a unique tactic to get their attention. 

With over $20 billion in sales every year, you can imagine how many promotional products are floating around out there….and how  many of those wind up in the garbage.  

Creative packaging means you and your product or service are going to get noticed. 


Ready to make 2017 the year you exceed your marketing goals? Get in touch so we can brainstorm some creative packaging campaigns and make it happen! 

- Rochelle

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