Trade Show Promo Tips & Booth Boosters

  • Apr 8, 2015

Each industry has their “trade show season”. The time of year can influence what products might be the best choice for your company, but even more important is what your company hopes to accomplish with the giveaways.

For companies new to the trade show

Looking to generate some buzz around your name and get people over to your booth? If you have the budget, you could go with a lower priced item such as a pen or stress ball and then one higher priced item that is sure to get attention.

One of the promo items I’ve seen people go out of their way to go to a booth for is an umbrella. The larger umbrellas generally don’t fit into the giveaway bags, so it means people are carrying them around. They’ll get stopped when people want to know where they got them and guess where they’ll send them? Right to your booth.

With these higher priced items be careful to not just leave them on the table for everyone to take (unless that’s in your budget). Put one on display and when someone asks for one, the line of “Sure thing, but first you have to listen to our sales pitch” delivered with a smile usually gets you at least a few minutes of someone’s attention. This is often enough time to at the very least explain what you do and find out if the person is a potential lead.

Making sure your company’s brand is firmly imprinted in everyone’s mind

Tote bags and lanyards are a great way to make sure everyone is seeing your company’s logo. If you’re an established company that has been at the trade show for multiple years in the past or have a well known name in the industry, these options might make sense for you.

The imprint area on bags tends to be bigger, allowing for more space to show exactly what services you offer. Oftentimes the lanyards are a sponsored item, so you may want to talk to the trade show coordinator to see what’s available. The bags can easily be given away at your booth.

Make sure they have your information on hand after the show

Microfiber clothes are a great way to make sure someone sees your name and information again after the trade show is over. While many items may see the bottom of a trash can or back of an office drawer after, microfiber clothes tend to be reused again and again. Most people wouldn’t buy them for themselves but can’t imagine life without it once they have one.

The best part about microfiber clothes? They have a large imprint area, leaving you plenty of room to list service offerings or a special deal.


Pre-mailers are a great way to generate interest even before the trade show. These pieces increase the exposure to your brand, plus help you generate some excitement to get potential clients to your booth. Whether it’s a giveaway, raffle or free trial of your services or product they can get at the trade show, showing them before what they have to gain by coming to your booth can help increase the traffic and return.

Looking for giveaway items for your next show or want to drive more traffic to your booth with a pre-mailer? LeRoe can help come up with creative solutions to help you meet your

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