The Secret To Picking A Hit Trade Show Giveaway

  • Nov 12, 2017

Trade shows can cost a lot of money, but there’s a way to help make sure you get a return on investment that makes it all worthwhile: choosing the right trade show giveaway. And I’m going to fill you in on the secret to doing just that.

Why it’s so important

A study done by the Promotional Products Association International found that nearly 94% of people could successfully recall a promotional product they had received in the past two years and 89% could recall the advertiser.


What would you pay to be able to stick in the mind of a potential client for two years?

Of course we all hope to convert a lead to a client much sooner than that, but that type of brand awareness and recall is worth every second spent coming up with the most effective promotional item for your brand.

Using promo items the right way

Before we get to the little trick that can make choosing a trade show giveaway MUCH easier, it’s important to know that my main mantra of "Promoting with a Purpose still applies.

No matter what the event is or how you’ll be getting them into the hands of your target audience, you should always, always, be asking yourself “what am I trying to accomplish?”

Knowing your goal gives you an objective to keep in mind as you make your decisions.

The secret

Ok, so now that that’s out of the way here it is, the way to make sure the items you’re giving away at a tradeshow don’t wind up in the trash:

Put yourself in the shoes of the potential client who will be receiving the gift. Imagine walking by your booth. What would you be excited to get? What would have you saying “whoa, this is really helpful/exciting/unique/great”?

It’s that easy.

Some of the best giveaways I’ve created have come from moments of inspiration where I’m using something around the house or office and think to myself wait a second, how awesome would it be to receive this as a giveaway?

Go get some results

So now that you have the secret, start putting it to use! Start brainstorming potential giveaways and then run it by the “Promoting with a Purpose”. Does it help you meet your ultimate goal?

If so, then you have a clear winner that’s going to get you plenty of ROI!

Need help coming up with the perfect giveaway for your next trade show? Get in touch! No matter what industry there’s a unique promo item just for your company.