The Lonely Sponsor Table

  • Aug 12, 2015

I recently went to a networking event and there I saw it, standing over on the side by itself, away from the crowd – the sponsored promo table.

A promo table with no one standing by it. 

The amount of money that went into the promotional items on this table could’ve resulted in an impact. Instead the items sat there, untouched.

If you are going to be giving away promotional items at networking events and the table won’t be near the actual event, think instead of items that are going to end up in the guests hands.

Wine and cheese event? How about some amazing little clips with your logo that clip onto the plate and hold your wine glass, giving guests the opportunity to eat and drink with ease? I know from experience how much everyone raves over these at events.

Will name tags be involved in the event? If so, consider sponsoring the lanyards that hold them and providing one for every guest. Badge holders are also very useful for keeping business cards a fingers touch away ready for exchange. Lanyards and badge holders are not just for trade shows! 

There are a number of products which will result in branding and awareness versus simply placing items on a table far away from everyone without a purpose.

There are times when the layout of a venue simply doesn’t allow for a table to be any closer – that’s when the time comes to get clever and think of other ways to get impressions in front of potential clients.

Have an event coming up and looking for some ideas? Get in touch and I’ll come up with some more examples of what could work for your business.