The Hottest College Giveaways of 2017

  • Nov 12, 2017

Working with colleges and universities, I’ve learned what promo items will be a hit and what ones won’t. Whether it’s a college fair, campus welcome package or part of an ongoing campaign, these giveaways are the ones students couldn’t get enough.

We’re talking social media interaction, multiple uses and countless impressions and huge brand benefits.

Connecting to students

The promo items that are the biggest hits have a lot of things in common. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  1. Practical items are a big hit. College students usually don’t have a lot of money, so to not have to buy these “need versus want” items is a huge motivator to take and use them.
  2. Unique giveaways go a long way. It’s not something students expect to see, like a t-shirt, which gives them more reasons to use it and also share it on social media platforms.

The must-have list

So here it is. The hottest giveaways for colleges and universities of 2017:

Cubes. A little extra storage goes a long way to help keep things organized in a tiny dorm. Plenty of impression space makes it easy to brand a cube while giving students something they can really use. Check them out

Cable Organizer. This is one of the more unique giveaways and one most students don’t have. Remember what I said about organization in dorm room? This helps keep cords in check, with headphones and charging cables nearly bundled. Check them out

Laundry bag. Lugging laundry up and down stairs and across a building is never fun but it’s a lot easier with a laundry bag. Students get lots of use of this giveaway - and your university gets lots of exposure. A win-win. Check them out

Popsocket. Millennials spend on average 3.2 hours a day on their phones. Makes sense to give them something to phone related. Plus FaceTime, Snapchat, selfies and watching video become a lot easier. Full color imprint space means plenty of room for branding. Check them out

Smartphone Wallet. Speaking of phone related giveaways, smart wallets are perfect for heading to class or a quick trip to the food hall. Check them out

Camelbak. I’m not one that usually pushes a name brand. But the truth is that Camelbak has a solid following of millennials and there’s no doubt that this giveaway is one they’ll hold on to. A little pricier than some other water bottles out there but with Camelbak’s reputation it’s also one you know won’t wind up in the trash. Check them out

Making the choice

So there you have it. As you’re deciding what promotional item is best for your college or university, don’t forget to consider whether it’s practical and relevant. If you have kids at home a good litmus test is to ask them if they’d want it.

Want to choose promotional products that are a hit with your audience? I’m always available to send ideas and suggestions.

Get in touch.