The 2017 Holiday Gifts Your Clients And Employees Will Love

  • Nov 12, 2017

Tis the season! Client and staff appreciation gifts are one of the best ways to strengthen relationships and to say thank you. Make sure your gifts are ones they’ll love with one of these must-haves for 2017.

A little thank you goes a long way and both clients and your team will remember it. Generate goodwill with a token of appreciation. Any one of the holiday gifts below are sure to bring a smile to its recipient.

Food & Drink

Vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle. Take the vacuum sealed craze to the next level with this copper vacuum gift set. Cold drinks cold up to 16 hours and hot drinks hot up to 12 hours? Makes for a gift that’s hard not to love.

Moscow mule gift set. These copper mugs are bound to be well-received and their tasteful engraving means they fit into any home or office setting.

Travel coffee press. For the true coffee aficionados. Brew, press and go with this easy to use coffee press.

Gourmet ice cream with scoop. Satisfy every sweet tooth with this high-quality ice cream scoop with your logo and redemption card in a gift box. Your recipient will be able to chose from Ben and Jerry’s or Haagen Daaz combines with their unique code, delivered right to their door!

Portable lunch box. Perfect for the health and wellness industries, this portable lunch box makes eating healthy on the go easy. With a stainless steel inside layer, this extra touch helps keep food warm or cold.



Wireless earbuds. No wire, no problems. With a carrying case that doubles as a charger these earbuds have over 2 hours of play time, leaving your recipient free to listen to podcasts, music or catch up on the scores.

Water resistant bluetooth speaker. Enjoy your music where ever your next adventure takes you. From the pool to hiking to the beach this portable speaker has you covered with up to 6 hours of music on a single charge.

Power bank with phone stand. Keep your clients and staff going with this rechargeable battery. With most recipients carrying these around everywhere they go, you’ll easily get hundreds of impressions out of this power bank.

Smart finder. Running late and can’t find your keys? Not anymore with this device. The smart finder plays a tune until what’s lost is found.


Compressing packing cubes. Travel lighter and pack more with these organizing packing cubes. Easy, compact storage that any traveler will appreciate.

RFID security backpack. Cyber security has been a buzzword in 2017. Keep data safe with this RFID backpack that’s contemporary enough to look sleek while keeping out the bad guys.

Make an impact

Want to really wow your staff and clients? Custom packaging is the perfect way to add that extra special touch, highlighting your company while saying thank you.

Need help coming up with ideas? No matter what your industry the perfect gift is out there! Get in touch and we’ll come up with a gift guaranteed to impress.

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