Size Does Matter

  • Apr 23, 2015

I’ve been attended a lot of trade shows and one of the many things I’ve learned while there has been this: size does matter.

At least when it comes to promotional bags.

Walking around a tradeshow I’m always paying attention to the details of what really stands out as a giveaway and one of the top items is always the biggest tote bag at the show.

The reason is simple: everyone puts all of the smaller bags they receive, along with all the other promo giveaways, into the largest bag.

I’ve been at shows where there are literally twenty different booths giving away bags, but there’s one that is seen time and time again while walking around the trade show floor and conference rooms. Cost is certainly a factor in choosing promotional items for a trade show but I know from experience you can find a relatively closely priced bag which is larger than what most people initially tend to choose.

Those few extra cents per bag is well worth it when hundreds if not thousands of people are being exposed to your logo constantly over anywhere from one to four days. You could spend thousands trying to get your logo in front of that many people in any other format.

Promo bags are usually chosen as a giveaway due to their longevity – very rarely are they thrown out following the show. People tend to reuse them over and over again.

Larger bags also have another perk to them: a bigger imprint area. This means in addition to your logo you can also include a short one to eight word description of the services you offer if it’s not made clear through your logo.

Just a helpful tip as you go to order your bags for upcoming trade shows and events! Need help picking the right size (and

Need help picking the right size (and right price) tote bag? I’d be happy to help.