Promo Items With a Purpose: AKA My Most Frustrating Conversation

  • Mar 17, 2015

When I start working a client, our first conversations usually include one topic that gets me frustrated: “I just don’t see the return on promo items. I mean, where’s the work coming in?”

No, my clients don’t frustrate me. My clients are some of the most intelligent and pleasant people I know. What frustrates me is the misconception that branded products don’t have a clear purpose. I so strongly believe that promotional items can do wonders when chosen with a clear reason that I built a business around it.

Just like anything with marketing, promotional items should have a purpose. But instead it seems the common theme moving around most businesses is that it’s simply important to have branded items. If you asked most executives what the point is of promo items, they’d tell you “branding”.


Promo items should do more than just brand your company. They should be helping you bring in business, whether from a current client or prospective new one.

Convinced your industry just doesn’t have any such items that could possibly help? I guarantee you I can help find at least one, if not multiple, custom promotional products that won’t be purchased simply just because, but with a purpose: whether it’s to bring in new business, convey sincere appreciation to a loyal client or any other targeted reason.