If You Purchase Promotional Products This Should Be On Your End-Of-Year Task List

  • Dec 7, 2017



If you’re a marketer or purchase promotional products, you’re going to want to add this to your end-of-year checklist: evaluating your current promo items and planning for next year’s.

Planning ahead is always a good thing but especially so when it comes to promotional marketing items. You can save a lot of headaches by making sure to set aside the budget now and giving yourself plenty of time to order.

Here’s how marketers and promotional product buyers can make sure they’re ready to put promo items to work as a valuable piece of the marketing plan in 2018:

Start by evaluating

Kick things off by looking at what items you’ve given away not only this year but over the past few years.

Did you see any return?

Did people rave about the products or tuck them into a bag, never to be seen again?

Be honest about whether or not the dollars that went into those promo items got result. Even if you still have some left, you’ll eventually go through them all and will need to consider whether to re-order or go with a new product.

Plan for success

Figure out what you have coming up on the 2018 calendar and what your needs will be for the upcoming year:

Trade shows. Promotional products should help drive leads and sales rather than being thought of as “just giveaways”. You wouldn’t throw your budget into the trash, so carefully choose ones that won’t wind up there either.

Don’t forget to think beyond just the day of the show. Think targeted custom packaged promotional products to key attendees you really want to reach sent prior to the show as well as for follow-up.

Conferences. This scenario may sound familiar: you get a ton of business cards at a conference or networking event, send a few follow-ups and don’t hear back from may of them. This is the perfect opportunity to send a creative promo marketing piece to keep their attention and continue the conversation, leading them through the sales funnel.

Employee appreciation.  How valued your team feels directly affects your brand. A branded token of appreciation can get a lot of mileage when an appreciative team member posts a picture of them holding it and smiling on their social media account. These types of interactions go a long way to create goodwill – and bring in talented employees.

Client appreciation. Saying thank you is welcomed by clients year-round, not just at the end of it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Think about what they would be really excited to receive. A little thought and creativity can create a big impact.

Promotional Products are a powerful tool and you should always apply the same standards of success as you do for all other marketing initiatives. Often times a branded promotional product or decorated apparel is the best solution, but imagine the possibilities when you include a message by adding copy, graphics, a theme, and creative packaging designed to ENGAGE with your target audience.

Evaluate your current promotional items and how well they worked this year, determine your upcoming events and goals for 2018 and then get to work setting aside a budget. 

But always remember the power of promotional products when you purchase them with a plan and a purpose - this is what I call "Promoting with a Purpose"!

I'd welcome the opportunity to learn more about your current approach to using promotional products and see if I can help you increase and measure your promotional marketing goals in 2018 - Get in touch!