How A Custom Mailer Done Right Generated Over $270K in Business

  • Apr 16, 2016

I’ve written about the importance of having a goal when it comes to promotional products and custom mailers in a couple of my previous posts and want to give you another example that shows you just how much of an impact doing so can have.

Recently, a community bank wanted a custom mail piece. But more specifically, they wanted to increase commercial business sales.  The community bank was a much bigger bank with more branches and assets than their potential customers realized.

With the sole goal of increasing commercial business sales, a custom piece was created for them. A box with a teaser graphic on top was sent out. Inside, text appeared under a magnifying glass highlighting the idea of the bank’s size and capabilities. This piece was then delivered by a bank employee or shrink-wrapped and mailed.

This extremely targeted piece had representatives experiencing a 40%+ success rate, which was much better than what they had seen with previous campaigns. So far this product has helped the bank generate more than $270,000 in commercial business.

Just one more example of why it’s SO important to make sure you have a goal in mind before purchasing any promotional products or custom mailers.

Have your goal but not sure how to convert it into the right piece or mailer? LeRoe can help.