Hot 2018 Promo Items That Need To Be On Your Radar

  • Feb 7, 2018

Last week I was in Las Vegas attending the largest promotional industry show of the year. In addition to lots of educational seminars, I also spent a lot of time seeking out top suppliers and walking the trade show floor to find the latest trends in products, apparel, packaging and marketing for 2018.

I’d love to share some of my favorite finds to help you plan your 2018 promotional calendar.

In fact, I wound up finding so many fantastic promos that this will be a two part post so I can share all of them.  Hope you find some inspiration!

Packaging still steals the show. I always talk about the power of packaging a promo product to make even the greatest promotional item stand out, but the countless solutions at the PPAI expo really drove home the point.

Coffee and tea are nothing new to the promo world. But this packaging certainly is! Check out how much of an impact this product is bound to have on its recipient. Whether handed out at a trade show or mailed individually, these promos are ready to roll and send out a hugely positive branding experience for Mercedes.

One of my favorite parts about custom packaging is how you can fit it to any brand, any product and any theme. No matter what industry you’re in you can use custom packaging to make whoever receives it feel very special - and much more inclined to to use your business!

Dye sublimation. If you’ve never heard this word before, get ready to hear it a lot in 2018.

Dye sublimation is a powerful new option brought to you by the wonders of technology. Heat is used to transfer dye onto almost anything: plastic, cloth or paper.

The possibilities are endless! Say good-bye to two color imprints and wondering how your logo could possibly be visible on such a tiny imprint area. Instead have limitless choices about to best create a visual impact that gets your brand noticed!

 All the bags! Particularly fabric bags and washable bags. The general consensus still seems to be: you can never have enough bags.

Beyond your always useful tote bags, I saw lots and lots of new options on the exhibitor floor. For example, washable paper bags. For those in eco friendly industries or just for anyone who appreciates the novelty, these bags are perfect.

Even the celebrities are getting in on the trend. Check out Ellen!

Another unique option: a backpack that converts into a duffle bag. Who doesn’t love a two-for-one?

The overall apparel hit: socks. Bet you didn’t see that one coming! I saw tons of booths loaded with socks with every type of customization you can imagine.

Not only practical but also very appreciated, gone are the days when socks were considered the “boring” gift! Today’s promo socks can be custom imprinted and in full color.

These are just a few of the amazing products I found at the PPAI Expo. Keep an eye out next week for even more unique promotional items for your 2018 plans!

Need some suggestions for promo products and how to get some real return out of them? Get in touch!

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