Hey Boss,You're Wrong - The 50% Increase Says So

  • Jul 8, 2015

I get a lot of clients who are excited about the prospect of mixing direct marketing and promo items. I also get a lot of clients who after presenting the concept to their boss was told no or who have been told to reduce the budget lines of these two areas.

I’d be lying if I said direct marketing and promo items are something that will always bring results. UNLESS (and that’s a big unless) you have a really targeted list of potential clients.

In that case, you should absolutely see results. Direct marketing pieces easily become dimensional marketing when you add in promo items too. These aren’t the type of mass mailings used in the past based on a huge list of ‘maybe, possibly, one day might use us” contacts. No, these pieces are meant for carefully cultivated lists of doors you really want to open.

So when your boss tells you this won’t work or doesn’t fit into the budget, try telling them these facts: 

  • The inclusion of a Promotional Product to a mail promotion increased the response rate by 50%.
  • The use of Promotional Products as a call action to respond generated four times as many responses as a sales letter alone.
  • The use of a Promotional Product as a call to action to respond reduced the cost per response by two-thirds. 

Have a list of ten to a hundred companies you’ve been dying to get into? These types of pieces are a perfect way to get an appointment with exactly who you need to talk to.

Interested in finding out what custom mailer can help you get a foot in the door with your toughest leads? Contact me and I’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction toward more appointments and better return.

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