Direct Mail Marketing Isn’t Dead: A 73% Appointment Rate Is Proof

  • Apr 2, 2015

Many people will tell you direct mail marketing is dead. But a recent campaign with a 73% appointment rate on average makes me think “maybe they aren’t doing it right”.

Here’s what I do differently than most: extremely focused campaigns.

We all have a list of people and companies we would love to see become clients. Custom direct mail pieces with the right message can get you the foot in the door you need.

A hugely successful direct mail campaign is our "Pencil Me In".

The mailer was a custom piece with packaging that showed a day planner with my name printed in a specific time slot. Once the mailer was opened, my business card was inside along with a pencil and a sticky note pad that said “thanks for penciling me in”.

I’d follow up with a phone call at the time printed on the packaging and almost every time was able to speak to the contact and schedule an appointment. That mailing generated a lot of business for me and all I had to do was make sure to follow up on the mailer.

Direct mailing, if done incorrectly, can absolutely be a waste of time. Without a targeted message going to the right people, you may not get any return. But with a little creativity that helps you stand out you’ll get the opportunity to connect with those on your most wanted potential client list.

Looking to get appointments with a targeted group of prospects? Get in touch and I’ll show you how to make it happen with a custom mailer.