Did You Forget About Employee Appreciation Day?

  • Feb 19, 2018

Did you forget Employee Appreciation Day is coming on March 2nd? Don’t worry - I’m here to save the day with some great last minute gift ideas to have your team feeling the love!

Don’t miss out on the chance to make a last impression. Employee appreciation gifts are more than just a “token of appreciation”. They’re motivational tools, team builders and a fantastic way to say thank you.

In fact, a recent study showed that 67% of workers preferred being praised by their managers over noncash and financial incentives. 

Even better, when managers recognize their employees’ performance, employee engagement increases by over 60%. Beyond higher engagement, employee recognition can mean more loyalty and higher retention. Who doesn’t want to keep their best people?

You don’t need to break the bank either. The most memorable gifts aren’t the most expensive ones, but the ones that are both thoughtful and useful.

Motivate your team to do their best work by recognizing their time, commitment and value this Employee Appreciation Day with these gift ideas!

Light up logo 2-port charger. Electronic gear is always a hit on both a personal and professional level. Between tablets, cell phones and laptops there’s always one device around that needs charging. Give the gift of being fully-powered with this dual-port charger.


Insulated lunch tote. More than an amazing gift that makes it easier (and more fashionable) than ever to bring in lunch to the office, these lunch totes also help show you care about your team’s health. While going out to lunch can be a great way to connect with co-workers, bringing in lunch on a daily basis is proven to contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

Keep your team fed and at peak performance with these insulated lunch totes!


Stainless steel travel tumbler. Another practical gift for every-day use, these tumblers keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold when your team needs them the most.

From fueling up to start the day to staying hydrated throughout, these tumblers are easy to clean and their non-slip base and sliding drink opening makes them perfect for travel and office environments.

Go big

Power bank with wall adapter gift set.  Looking for a more high-end item? This gift is practical yet powerful, connecting your employees with the electronics they use daily. 

The travel case means no matter where you’re team is headed they’re always prepared. Give the gift that keeps on giving, even while on-the-go!

Need more ideas? Get in touch and I can help come up with creative employee appreciation gifts that will help you come up with a thoughtful thank you and inspire your team to do their very best!