A Pig Wins My Marketer of The Year Award

  • Oct 7, 2015

So far for 2015 a PIG has won my marketer of the year award, with the support of many other pigs.

I recently was at a trade show where I saw a marketing campaign going on that made great use of promo items (which of course caught my attention) and also generated some great post-event interaction with attendees – all thanks to a pig.

A bank had a booth that was entirely pig themed - they were giving out tons of pig-themed giveaways and had up banners with pigs on them. That was a great way to draw people in, since it’s something different but not too over the top. But as you got closer to the booth, things got even more interesting (and fun).

This bank wanted you to go onto their Facebook page and name the pig they had posted a picture. The best name would win a prize. Not only did this provide a lot of engagement while people were at the trade show, standing around the booth talking with their friends as well as the reps from the bank as they tried to come up with a name, but it also meant the bank got the chance to interact with them after the trade show.

Those who commented with a name for a chance to win would receive notifications about others who were naming the pig, and would also stay involved until the winner was notified. Many of those who commented on the post also liked the page, leading to further engagement.

Normally a pig promo item without anything else to support it isn’t something I would recommend to my clients, but this particular bank showed a great way promo items can be pulled in as part of an even bigger campaign.

When going through all the items they received that day once they were back at home or the office, people looked at the pig themed promo items and had a very clear and positive connection to this one bank.

I loved seeing the use of promo items and marketing coming together is such a powerful way. It’s rare to see a company able to get so much involvement from attendees both during and after the trade show, and they managed to do it in such a fun way.

Trade shows can be a big expense, so getting the most out of them is important. Interested in seeing how your company can get quality leads from trade shows? Get in touch! There’s nothing I like more than sitting down to find out what your goals are and how we can use promo items and branding to make them happen.